About Us

CJS Custom Jungle Gyms is a company devoted to detail, quality and safety. I take great pride in my work and as the owner of the company I will not compromise on any aspects of our structures. I build all the structures myself with skilled helpers, I never send a team to do the work and I am always present on site with my workers.

We are based in Pretoria East at 194 Dvorak Street, Constantia Park. We are not limited to the area and we have built, repaired and maintained structures all over South Africa.
Value for money as well as affordability are two very important aspects for us. When you decide to invest in a permanent structure at your school, at your home or at your place of business, you definitely want a structure that will first of all comply with safety regulations, look beautiful where it is placed and also add value to your property. Every structure we build is carefully planned to eliminate wastage of timber, we cut all our materials to size on site to guarantee a perfect fit.

All our structures are safe for children of all ages including adults to play with the children without any risk of the structure breaking or falling over. You will see a full description in the Safety paragraph about the structure and why our structures are superior on the market.

Every structure we build is custom designed and installed according to the client`s specifications. No matter what the size, where it must be placed, which way it must face, how big the space available is, we will build a structure that we are proud to call one of our own!

Peace of mind

We offer a standard 4 year warrantee with all our newly built structures. The warrantee will cover all the timber used, as well as the workmanship. Should any part of the structure show signs of rotting or any part of it come loose, we will repair and / or replace the defective timber. You can rest assured that your structure will be built to the highest standards to last you a lifetime. The responsibility that falls on you to keep the warrantee in place is that yearly maintenance must be done on the structure. We are available on a yearly basis to re-oil the structure and fasten all screws, bolt connections, check moving parts like swings as well as do a full safety check on the jungle gym. You can compare this warrantee to a motor vehicle, as long as you service your vehicle every year the warrantee will stay in place and the engine can run for many years without any problems.