Maintenance, Repairs and Expansions
We do repairs to all existing timber jungle gym structures. Be it one plank that needs replacement or an entire roof that is unstable, we will repair the problem area and restore the jungle gym to it`s previous glory.
Should you wish to expand your jungle gym, we can attach any accessories or do alterations to your structure to open a new level of excitement for your children.
We do general maintenance on all timber structures. All timber jungle gyms must be coated every year with the appropriate oil based treatment to make your system last a lifetime. We do a general safety check and we refasten all screws, bolts, connections as well as check stability and strength.
All our structures comply with safety regulations and are built with SABS CCA H4 Saligna poles and SABS treated planks.
Materials used:
We only use SABS CCA H4 treated Saligna poles and SABS treated planks. Superior timber offers superior structures which I am very comfortable to guarantee for 4 years.
We never use nails on our structures. We only use screws on our planks and all poles are attached with 10mm threaded rods and nuts and washers are applied to both sides of all connections.
Swings are installed with metal chain, no ropes are used.
Ropes for climbers, ramps and climbing ropes are secured at the top of the structure as well as on the bottom to avoid strangulation.
Oil based products are used that will penetrate the wood to avoid staining or flaking.